Recognized & Approved by MINISTRY OF EDUCATION and MINISTRY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, ETHIOPIA to recruit academic expatriates for colleges and Universities.
Recognized & Approved by MINISTRY OF HEALTH, ETHIOPIA to recruit Medical and Non-Medical Professionals.
Current Openings
Recognized & Approved by MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, ETHIOPIA to recruit academic expatriates for Government Universities. Kindly refer in Current vacancies and send CV to by mentioning attending university names, subject, Qualification & Experience and Date and venue.

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Specialization Qualification 
Analysis of Algorithms or Complexity Theory M.Tech/ Ph.D
Compiler Development or Related M.Tech/ Ph.D
Computer Maintenance and Technical Support M.Tech/ Ph.D
Computer Networking M.Tech/ Ph.D
Computer Science/Information Technology/ Information Science /Software Engineering M.Tech/ Ph.D
Database & Information Systems - I.T. M.Tech/ Ph.D
Database design & administration M.Tech/ Ph.D
Digital Image Processing / Embedded System M.Tech/ Ph.D
Distributed System M.Tech/ Ph.D
Formal Language and Automatic Theory M.Tech/ Ph.D
Information Storage and Retrieval M.Tech/ Ph.D
Information Technology M.Tech/ Ph.D
Integrative Programming & System integration M.Tech/ Ph.D
Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming or Operating System M.Tech/ Ph.D
Natural Language Processing M.Tech/ Ph.D
Network Security / Information Security M.Tech/ Ph.D
Pervasive Computing M.Tech/ Ph.D
Software Engineering M.Tech/ Ph.D
Wireless Communication & Mobile Computing M.Tech/ Ph.D
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