Recognized & Approved by MINISTRY OF EDUCATION and MINISTRY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, ETHIOPIA to recruit academic expatriates for colleges and Universities.
Recognized & Approved by MINISTRY OF HEALTH, ETHIOPIA to recruit Medical and Non-Medical Professionals.
Current Openings
Recognized & Approved by MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, ETHIOPIA to recruit academic expatriates for Government Universities. Kindly refer in Current vacancies and send CV to by mentioning attending university names, subject, Qualification & Experience and Date and venue.

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Specialization  Qualification 
Advance Research Methodology Ph.D
Agri. Business and Value Chain Management Ph.D
Agricultural Economics or Agribusiness Ph.D
Agricultural Entomology Ph.D
Agricultural Extension Ph.D
Agricultural Information and Communication Management Ph.D
Agricultural Journalism & Media Ph.D
Agricultural Marketing Ph.D
Agricultural Mechanization Ph.D
Agricultural Meteorology Ph.D
Agricultural Water Management Ph.D
Agriculture Economics Ph.D
Agro-Climatology Ph.D
Agronomy Ph.D
Agronomy - Crop Ecology Ph.D
Agronomy ( Biometric with Statistics ) Ph.D
Agronomy ( Crop Ecology / Plant Sciences ) Ph.D
Anatomy Ph.D
Apiculture Ph.D
Apiculture ( Honey Bees / Bee Biotech ) Ph.D
Aquaculture Ph.D
Climate Change and Environmental Specialist Ph.D
Clinical Nutrition or Medical Nutrition Therapy Ph.D
Cooperative Marketing Ph.D
Crop / Plant Physiology Ph.D
Crop Modeling Simulation & GIS Ph.D
Crop Protection Ph.D
Entomology Ph.D
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Ph.D
Floriculture Ph.D
Food Chemistry / Biotechnology Ph.D
Food Science and Post Harvest Technology Ph.D
Food Technology / Food Science Ph.D
Forest Management / Rehabilitation Ph.D
Forest Operations and Ergonomics Ph.D
Forest Pathology and Entomology Ph.D
Forestry / Agro Forestry Ph.D
Forestry / Natural Resource Management Ph.D
Grain Science and Technology Ph.D
Horticulture or Plant Science Ph.D
Human Nutrition Ph.D
Integrated Water Shed Management Ph.D
Irrigation Agronomy Ph.D
Livelihood and Food Security Specialist Ph.D
Natural Resource & Environmental Economics Ph.D
plant biotechnology Ph.D
Rangeland Ecologist Ph.D
Rural Development and Agricultural Extension Ph.D
Seed Science & Technology Ph.D
Silviculture and Menstruation Ph.D
Soil and Water Conversation Engineering Ph.D
Soil Chemistry Ph.D
soil science Ph.D
Sugarcane Production Technology Ph.D
Supply Chain Management Ph.D
Systems designs in Post Harvest equipment with emphasis on perishables Ph.D
Watershed Management Ph.D
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