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Subjects for ETHIOPIAN Government Universities


Engineering Domain
ARCHITECTURE: Architectural Engg., Architectural Science, Architecture & Design, Landscape Architecture, Regional & Urban Planning, Urban Design & Planning,  /  Housing. History of Architecture
COMPUTER ENGG./ COMPUTER SCIENCE :  Artificial Intelligence, Communication, Communication  Engg., Computer Engg., Comp. Sc., Computer Vision and Image Processing ,Compiler Design, Data Communication & Computer Network ,Data Base Management System, Information Science. / Tech., Hardware Engg., Multimedia Systems , Network Administration, Networking and System Administration , Network Security ,Object Oriented Programme, Software Engg., Wireless & Mobile Communication. System Analysis , Data Processing, computer graphics, Net work & Distributed system, Database design & administration, Integrative Programming & System integration, System simulation, Natural Language Processing.

CIVIL ENGG. : C.A.D./C.A.M., Construction Management, Drainage Engg.  Environmental Engg., Geotechnical Engg., Highway Engg., Highway and Transportation Engg., Hydraulics Engg., Irrigation  Engg / Structure, Process Engg.,  Structural Engg., Surveying, Road & Transport Engg, Transport Engg. &Mgmt Water Supply / Sanitary Engg., Waste Water Engg., Water Resources - Engg./ Mgmt /  Systems Analysis, Urban Housing. Building Technology and Construction Mgmt, Urban Engg, Urban Management and Planning, Railway Engineering (Civil)

COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE : Computational Mechanics and Dynamics of Numerical Methods or Related Field, Operational Research Optimization or related field, Computer Programming or modelling and Simulation, Computational Condensed matter Physics or related field.

ELECTRICAL / ELECTRONICS ENGG.: Advanced Microprocessor & Interfacing, Communication System, CAD / CAM, Communication System & DST, Control System, Communication, Digital Electronics, Electrical, Electronics, Electrodynamics, Instrumentation Engg., Object Oriented Programme, Power Engg., Power System Engg., Power System & Machinery, Software Design,  System Modelling & Simulation., Computational Fluid Dynamics. Control Engg. Software Design,  System Modelling & Simulation., Computational Fluid Dynamics, Power System Planning & Management , High Voltage Engg., Power system Operation Protection & Control, Power Electronics and Drive , Control Engg., Applied Electronics, Electrical Power Engineering / Electrical Machine Engineering , Telecom Engineering or Wireless Engg, Micro-electronics. Railway Engineering (Electrical)
MECHANICAL ENGG. : CAD / CAM, Automobile Engineering, Mechatronics & Robotive, Applied Mechanics / Design Automotive Engg., Control Engg., Instrumentation, Hydraulic Engg., Industrial Design,  Industrial Engg., Material Engg., Manufacturing Engg., Methods & Value Engg., Materials Plant  Maintenance & Installation, Structure / Hydropower Eng., IC engines / Engines Simulation and Virtual Prototyping ,Design of Agricultural Machinery , Engg Metal Forming Mechanical, Sustainable Engg.
TEXTILE ENGG. : Bio-Fuel Engg., Chemical Engg .,  Chemical Processing Textiles, Garment Tech., Textile Engg., / Technology , Fashion Technology, Leather Technology , / Fiber Science and Technology, Apparel production / Garment Technology, / Fiber Science and Technology/ Textile chemistry/Textile management
WATER RESOURCE & ENVIRONMENTAL ENG: Applied Hydrology ,  Computation / Engineering science, Ecology and Environmental management, Environmental Engineering, GIS and Remote sensing, Hydraulic Engineering, Hydrology, Irrigation Engineering, Waste management, Water Resource Engineering. Solid waste Engg, Natural Resource Management : Hydrology / Water Resource
OTHERS: Bio-chemical Engg., Biomedical Engg., Food Engg., Dynamic Meteorology, Economic Geology Mineralogy & Crystallography , Energy Technology , GIS & Remote Sensing, General Oceanography, Hydrometeorology, Medical Imaging, Mining Engg., Operations Management, Rehabilitation Engg., River Engg., Structural Geology, Sugar Tech., Thermal Engg., Tropical Meteorology, Weather Analysis & Forecasting, Wood Science., Wood Science and Production Tech., Tunnel-Rock Mechanics , Rolling Stock Engineering
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Non-Engineering Domain
AGRICULTURE / DRYLAND.: Agri. Economics, Agronomy, Agricultural Information and Communication Management, Anatomy, Apiculture, Aquaculture, Agri. Business Mgmt., Agri. Mechanization, Agri. Water Mgmt., Advance Research Methodology, Animal-Biotechnology / Microbiology / Nutrition, Agro-Climatology, Agri. Journalism & Media, Agri. Extension, Agri. Meteorology, Agri. Marketing, Animal Production , Biometry, Bio-technology, Crop / Plant  Physiology, Crop Modelling Simulation & GIS, Crop Protection, Clinical Nutrition, Cooperative Marketing, Development Economics / Studies, Disaster Risk Mgmt. & Sustainable Development, Entomology, Econometrics, Environmental Chemist , Environmental & Development , Environmental Hydrology, Environmental & Resources Economics, Environmental Sc. and Mgmt., Farm power Engg., Floriculture, Food Bio-Tech., Forest Pathology and Entomology , Forest Protection , Forest Operations and Ergonomics, Forest Engg., Forest Management / Rehabilitation,  Food Technology / Food Science , Hydrological Modelling , Irrigation Agronomy, Integrated Water Shed Mgmt., Meat Animal Production, Natural Resource Economics, Nutrition Bio-chemistry, Nutrition Public Health & Policy, Human Nutrition, Post Harvest Tech., Post Harvest - Product development & Value addition, Mat, Fish, Poultry & Milk Processing, Sugar & Confectionary technology, Fat & Oil Processing Technology, Systems designs in Post Harvest equipment with emphasis on perishables, Sensory evaluation & quality assurance, Poultry Production, Pedology, Plant Breeding, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Plant Nematology, Plant Pathology, Pomology, Poultry Science, Range Science, Rangeland, Rangeland Ecologist ,Rural Development, Social Forestry, Silviculture and Menstruation, Seed Science & Tech., Statistics, Soil Physics , Soil and Water Conversation Engg ., Human Nutrition, Food Chemistry, Food Process Engg , Soil Chemistry, Animal Breeding, Animal Microbiology.
ENGLISH LANGUAGE STUDIES : English language teaching/Folklore / Cultural Studies, Linguistics, / Applied Linguistic, Philology. Literature, English (TEFL), Linguistics Psychology, Modern Literary Theory. Research methods in Language studies
EDUCATION : Parasitological or Biomedical Sciences & Physical Chemistry, Astrophysics, Biological Sc. & Agriculture,  Broadcast, Printing, Photo and Communication, Clinical Psychology, Chemical Education, Curriculum, Chemistry- Organic / Inorganic, Chemistry, Development Studies, English Language Teaching, Education Psychology, Education / Pedagogy, Educational Management or Educational Leadership Education Planning and Management, Geography, High Energy Physics, Heritage Management,  Literature, Linguistics, Mathematics, Mass Communication, Physics, Political Science, Philosophy, Quantum Optics, Special Needs Education, Subject areas Methodology, Theoretical  Physics. Researcher ( In Multidisciplinary) , Education Researcher.
FACULTY OF SCIENCE  : Applied Mathematics / Topology/Mathematical Modelling / Physics,  / Statistics / Biostatistics ,Applied Statistics, Algebra, Analysis, Combinatory and Graft Theory, Biometry ,  Analytical Chemistry / Bio- Chemistry / Coordination Chemistry /  Environmental Chemistry / Organic Chemistry / Inorganic Chemistry /Industrial Chemistry / Industrial Physics/ Atmospheric Physics / Bio Physics / Astro- Physics / Experimental Physics / Statistical Physics / Theoretical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Physics, Laser Spectroscopy, Nuclear Physics, Plasma Physics Differential Equations, Environmental Bio-Tech., Physics,  Geo-Chemistry, Material Science, Medical Physics,  Mathematics, Statistics, Methods of Teaching Mathematics, Mathematics Modelling, Numerical Analysis,  Operation Research, Pure Mathematics, Physical Chemistry, Quantum Mathematics,  Statistics Linear Model , Applied Regression, Longitudinal data Analysis  ,Time Series Analysis. Complex Analysis , Functional Analysis , Genetics , Botany , Biology - Systematic Zoology, Experimental physics , Instrumental Analysis , Geophysics, Thin Film Technology, Microbiology /Mycology ,Statistics : Information Science or Library information Science ( Digital Library), Advanced Level data mining,
FACULTY OF ARTS : Development Studies, Population Studies / Demography, Geochemistry, Development Studies - Governance & Democracy / Rural Development / Regional & Local Development, International Relation, Law, (Public International / Criminal ), International Trade Law, Customary Law & Legal Pluralism, Human Rights Criminal Law, Jurisprudence , Criminology, Political Science, Comparative / Comparative Politics, Theories of International Relations, Peace & Conflict studies, History, Library Sciences, Physical Geography, Human Geography, GIS / Cartography, Petrology, Paleontology / Stratigraphy, Journalism, Metaphysics, Ethics, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Compensative, Mass Communication, Photo Journalism, Sociology-Rural / Development /Gender and development /  Urban / Industrial Organizational, Quantitative Analysis, Rural Development, Environment Studies, Archaeology, Anthropology : Anthropology / Social / Linguistic / Physical / Cultural; Psychology - Communication  / Cognitive / Clinical Social Work
FACULTY OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & ACCOUNTS, ECONOMICS: Accounting information system, Taxation, Investment and Finance, Business Economics,  Econometrics, Statistics for Economic, Economics policy Analysis, Environmental Economics, Electronic Economics, Banking & Finance/Accounts, Auditing, Bus. Mgmt, Banking Insurance, Bus. Administration, Mgmt, Accounting  Cooperative Mgmt /  Marketing, Community Development, Development Mgmt, / Economics Expert Mgmt, Economics, Economics Policy Analysis, Energy economics , Mathematical Economics / Financial Mgmt., Finance, Gender & Development, Government & Non-Profit, Human Resource Mgmt., Mgmt. Information System, International Business Mgmt., Insurance Mgmt, Investment Mgmt. and Security Analysis, Marketing & Sales Mgmt, Marketing & Mgmt, Natural Resource  Economics , International Economics , Operation Research / Mgmt., Public Administration , Public Management,  Research Methods, Purchase & Supply, Risk and Insurance, Strategic Mgmt, Tourism Mgmt, Ticketing,  Mgmt and Cost Accounting, Macro and Microeconomics , International Economics . Production Economics Hotel Management.
VETERINARY SCIENCES: Animal Breeding, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Bio-Technology Animal Microbiology, Animal Nutrition, Anatomy, Bio-statistics, Clinician, Dairy Science & Technology ,  Dental Surgeon, Ecotourism & Biodiversity, Entomology, Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine, Helminthology, Histology, Milk Hygiene & Technology, Meat Hygiene & Technology ,Molecular Genetics, Microbiology , Obstetrics & Gynecology Poultry Disease, Public Health, Physiology, Pathology, Proto -zoologist, Pharmacology, Population Genetics, Reproductive  Bio-technology, Small animal & Wildlife Medicine, Toxicology, Veterinary Andrology / Virology, Zoo & Wildlife, Surgery, , Veterinary Biochemistry, Veterinary Food Hygiene.
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Medical Domain
MEDICAL: Anatomy, Anesthesiology, Allergy, Biotechnology, Bacteriology, Bio-chemistry, Bio-statistics, Biophysicist, Bio-pharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics, Clinical Pathology , Clinical Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacology / Chemistry, Dermato-Histopathology, ENT, Equipment Technician, Epidemiology, Endocrinology, Food Science and Nutrition ,Forensic Biotechnology / Biochemistry, Gastroenterology , Health Education Specialist, Helminthology, Histology, Hematology, Health Economics / Management, Internal Medicine, Internist, Infectiology, Immunology / Cellular Immunology, Immunology & Biological Products, Immunochemistry, Medical Biochemistry , Medical Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Medical Bio-statistics / Bio- Informatics ,Medical Virology , Neonatology , Neuroscience, Neuro Psychiatric / Ophthalmology, Nutrition,  Natural Products, Orthopedic, Orthopedic  Surgeon, Optometrist, Occupational Health Specialist, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Peripheral Nervous System, Pediatrics, Parasitology, Protozoology, Physiotherapy, Pathology, Pharmacognosy, Physiology, Patho-physiology, Pediatric Neurology / Nephrology / Dermatology / Endocrinology, Reproductive Health Specialist, Surgery, S.T.D., Unit Operation and Industrial Pharmacy, Virology, Epilepsy specialist, Movement Disorder Specialist, Stroke specialist, Infection Disease Specialist, Dental Surgery, Dentistry, Pedodontist , Prosthodontics, Operative dentistry, Engodontist, Oral & Maxillofacial, Oral pathologist, Raduikigust, Paedodontist, Periodontist, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Vitreo- retinal Surgery, Oculo-Plasitic Surgery, Gynecology Oncology, Uro-Gynecology, Psychiatry , Clinical psychology , Oncology / Hemato-Oncology , Pediatric surgery , Plastic Surgery , Neurophysiology , Cardiovascular Physiology , Radiology, Proctologist , Natural product Chemistry, Pathology, Medical Laboratory & Pathology – Pathologist General
NURSING: Adult Health, Community, Child health in Nursing ,Family Health, Medical-Surgical / Maternity, Midwifery, Nursing Service Administration, Nursing  Education, Pediatric, Psychiatric , Community Nursing , Instrument Nurse.
PHARMACY: Biopharmaceutics, Drug Supply Management, Drug Development & dosage, Pharmacology -  Anti-Infective / Cardiovascular / GI / Molecular / Neuro., Medicinal Chemistry, Medical / Clinical  Bio- Chemistry, Pharmacy Administartion/ Law Pharmacology Phamacognosy,  Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Microbiology / Technology,  Physical Pharmacy, Pharmacy practice, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacokinetics, Toxicology, Pharmacotherapeutics, Environmental / Experimental  Toxicology, Clinical Pharmacy / Clinic Pharmacology, Pharmaco Epidemiology Etc.
PUBLIC HEALTH: Advanced Water Treatment Specialist, Biostatistician, Epidemiologist, Environmental Modelling Specialist, Environmental Health, Health Education & Promotion Specialist, Health Communication Specialist, Health Promotion Research Specialist, Hospital Management, Health Economics, Health Management, Health Policy Analyst, Infectious Disease Specialist, Medical Anthropologist, Social Anthropologist, Strategic Communication Specialist. Health Research Etc.
SPORTS SCIENCE:  Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology (Bio-Mechanics), Sports Management , Sports Origination , Sports Administration , Etc.
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