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How To Face Interview

We suggest the following tips to face the interviews successfully :

  1. When you are facing the interviewers, speak moderately loud, clearly and slowly.
  1. You need to make sure to reach the interview place (in case of personal interview) at least 15 minutes before the schedules time. Please ensure to keep you phone available / not-engaged mode (in case of telephonic interview)


  1. Keep a pen and paper ready to note down any information or instructions that may be useful for further process of interview.
  1. Maintain calm and composed behavior throughout the interview.
  1. Show enthusiasm in your tone, gestures to make interviewer understand your interest in the job.
  1. Try to provide clear and complete information for each question asked by interviewers without any confusion in the information.
  1. In case of the telephonic interview where interviewer is calling from overseas location, there will time delay across the phone line. Try to answer the questions accordingly.
  1. Respond to each of the question with proper answer using the proper conversation and addressing.
  1. At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for his time.
  1. In the entire interview, try to call the interviewers by their first names only.
  1. Before the interview, try to find the job profile, roles and responsibilities of the opening. Accordingly prepare your answers to suit their requirements.
  1. Try to put forth your inabilities in a positive note. For example, if you don’t know a particular version / application, you can say, you have worked on the similar application and therefore can learn it quickly without any problem.
  1. Try to highlight the special skills, technical certifications and professional qualifications (if any).
  1. Avoid discussing your personal issues, problems and concerns with the interviewers.
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